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Mike Bawden

Is Dan Gillmor's experience really that much of a surprise? It seems that many of the blog/web sites that are attempting to become local news portals are running into the same problem and, ironically, are finding that the "solution" in many cases is hiring people to produce content on a regular basis for the site.

Five years ago, we called these people "reporters."

Is "citizen journalism" an paradoxical idea? I'm starting to think that maybe social media (e.g. blogs, et al) have just lowered the barrier to entry for a number of us who already like to write and share our opinions - but the vast majority of the "public" are less interested in engaging in a conversation and more interested in reading, watching and chatting among themselves (in relative safety).

Just a few thoughts.

Thanks for this post, by the way. I'm adding it to my "must read" list of posts on Thursday's (01/26) "Much Ado About Marketing" blog.


Mike Bawden
Brand Central Station

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