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Easton Ellsworth

Good point about the continued existence of "real-life" conferences - people will never be able to pass up free food and other perks :). And there's also that important element of personal face-to-face connection and interaction that you can't duplicate (at least not yet, not by a long shot) with digital video, microphones and Web access.

Thanks for the link to what you did at the Missouri tourism conference. It'll provide a good point of reference if Know More Media decides to blog another conference. I had spotty wireless Web access at the summit last Friday, so my posting was erratic - I know a little of what you must have gone through!

Matt O'Neill


I'm in the UK and am finding the market for conference blogs is growing rapidly.

Not sure you need to be a 'world class typist' though. The main lesson I learnt from the first commercial conference blog was that it helps if you've got an assistant. This was particularly pertinent as I was trying to do audio interviews and photography at the same time.

Overall, very hard to do by yourself if you're creating mixed media with it. (btw, the event blog was at http://activate.typepad.com.reachout).

Great to see other people like yourself thinking about it!


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