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Account Deleted

That's absolutely correct. But this is how I learn. I make my mistakes, take my lumps, here other experiences and bring it all together into a mosaic that's calle growth.

David Brazeal

You're a big man, Steve. I appreciate the fact that you're willing to acknowledge that you messed up. And I wasn't even really one of the people who thought your initial post was wildly out of bounds -- I just thought the juxtaposition of post headlines was too good to pass up without a playful comment.

By the way -- have you addressed this on your blog? And if not, I'm wondering why not. If the blogosphere has taught us anything, it's that we should address our perceived weak points directly, rather than hoping they go away on their own.

Account Deleted

Yes, in some of my posts I did. Check the links posts this week where I respond to Susan Getgood.

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