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Easton Ellsworth

I think you make a great point here about the traditional way of a company publishing only positive news about itself (or official, carefully crafted apologies for anything that goes wrong), on its own schedule. I think there are many companies out there who are finding out now about blogging and thinking, "Great! How can we use this as a tool to do exactly what we've been doing before?" And the question instead could probably be, "Great! How can we use blogging as a tool to do greater things than we've ever done before?" Blogging makes it easier to publish and share information, so companies need to open their eyes to the great potential blogging offers them in terms of personal connections with customers, better sales experiences, and faster improvement.



Yep, I think you've hit it. I had a conversation recently with a marketing-type person who just failed to grasp the fundamental changes affecting the industry. There was a lot of talk about controlling the message and monitoring newspapers. It made me feel a little better about my own mindset, actually. Things move so quickly, it's easy to perpetually feel 2 years behind. And while that may still be true of me (though I hope not), I know there are others who are 5-10 years behind, so at least I'm ahead of them.

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